Chronic Kidney Disease has now been recognised as a major public health issue.

The number of patients requiring renal replacement therapy in the form of dialysis or transplantation is increasing at about 6-8% per annum.

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About this resource

The resource includes detailed information in the following areas:

CKD - Why it has become an important issue – Epidemiology, NEOERICA, NHANES, increase in RRT population and the cost of RRT

Causes of CKD – Diabetes, hypertension, obstruction and infection

Medicines Management – pharmacology and modes of action

Management of Hypertension – approach to lowering BP, Proteinuria, antihypertensive strategy, ACE inhibitors and ARBs

Nutrition – healthy eating, malnutrition and weight management in CKD

What to tell patients – Self management, self monitoring and referral

Primary care – QOF, when to refer, management plans in primary care

Each section is presented in an easy to use and engaging manner, populated throughout with illustrations and videos, underpinned with a cross-referenced glossary.

Why use this resource

It will help you to maximise QOF points and implement NICE guidelines

It may be used by GPs or practice nurses

The resource is fully up to date and peer reviewed

It is engaging and simple to use

How much does it cost?

This resource is free to use as a reference tool.


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